DORMA’s vision is to be regarded as the trusted global partner for premium access solutions and services enabling better buildings. Thus, we will certainly continue conforming to our high level standards by using the services of FOX Laser.
 Vladimir Atanassov, DORMA
FOX Laser is our partner since 2010. We’ve established excellent business relations and we recommend FOX Laser as a correct partner.
Hugo Wagner, ABC Steel
We have been working with FOX Laser since the very beginning of the company, which nowadays counts 15 years. During the years we have created a friendly cooperation, because of one fact - FOX Laser can be easily described with two words - precision and speed. The company is characterized as loyal and open-minded - from the ordinary employee to the General Manager and owner.
 V. Gospodinov, DEKKO
Fox Laser presents 100% correctness in their agreement obligations with us. The loyalty and openness of Fox Laser team is impressing – from the senior managers to the technical team members. Also I’d like to mention their never lasting enthusiasm and creativity in solving any problem and completing every task.
 Tsvetan Stoyanov, DiTra OOD