LT8 – laser system for cut out of tubes and profiles

LT8 is a CO2 laser system for cut out of tubes and profiles. The machine offers maximal flexibility, high quality and exceptionally precise laser cutting of tubes with diameters Ф12-Ф220 mm and weight of the feed material to 35 kg/m. Having in mind the laser source we can process structure steel 0.80-10.0 mm (2D) / 8.0 mm (3D)*, Stainless steel 0.8-7.0 mm and Aluminum 1.0-6.0 mm.

The machine is equipped with movable laser head, that can tilt to 45 degrees and allows 3D cutting of different in form profiles including open ( L, П ) and custom ones. LT8 is equipped with automated feeding of the incoming tube profiles and with unique convey of the ready parts making it the only one of its kind. The capacity of the automated feeder is 5000 kg with maximum length of the tube – 6500 mm.

In addition it is possible to provide front feeding of single parts which is extremely useful when processing open and custom profiles that cannot be fed automatically.

The Artube CAD/CAM software, created by the producing company allows drawing and programming with maximum optimal cut out and processing technology and for every custom order or profile we rely on our expert operators to manually adjust every process. Additionally the software already allows to decrease the size of the scraps to 130 mm that makes the machine unique in its class.